Recent Publications

Ceria nanoparticles vis-à-vis cerium nitrate as corrosion inhibitors for silica-alumina hybrid sol-gel coating
"R.V. L., S.T. A., S. S."
Source: Applied Surface Science
2017, Article

Electrospinning in solid oxide fuel cells – A review
"Aruna S.T., Balaji L.S., Kumar S.S., Prakash B.S."
Source: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
2017, Review

Microstructure and electrical properties of plasma sprayed Gd0.15Ce0.85O2-δ coatings from solution combustion synthesized flowable powders
"B. S.P., Parthasarathi B., S. S.K., S.T. A."
Source: Journal of the European Ceramic Society
2017, Article

Switchable photovoltaic properties of multiferroic KBiFe2O5
Jalaja, M.A., Dutta, S.
Source: Materials Research Bulletin
2017, Article

Processing and characterization of Cf/ZrB2-SiC-ZrC composites produced at moderate pressure and temperature
Kannan, R., Rangaraj, L.
Source: Ceramics International
2017, Article

Microstructure and performance of LSM/YSZ based solid oxide fuel cell cathodes fabricated from solution combustion co-synthesized powders and by solution precursor plasma spraying
Shri Prakash, B., Senthil Kumar, S., Aruna, S.T.
Source: Surface and Coatings Technology
2017, Article

EIS and XPS studies on the self-healing properties of Ce-modified silica-alumina hybrid coatings: Evidence for Ce(III) migration
Lakshmi, R.V., Aruna, S.T., Anandan, C., Bera, P., Sampath, S.
Source: Surface and Coatings Technology
2017, Article

Preparation and Characterization of BaTiO3–PbZrTiO3 Coating for Pyroelectric Energy Harvesting
Raghavendra, R.M., Praneeth, K.P.S.S., Dutta, S.
Source: Journal of Electronic Materials
2017, Article

Tailored poly(ethylene) glycol dimethacrylate based shape memory polymer for orthopedic applications
Antony, G.J.M., Jarali, C.S., Aruna, S.T., Raja, S.
Source: Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials
2017, Article

Design and development of ITO/Ag/ITO spectral beam splitter coating for photovoltaic-thermoelectric hybrid systems
Sibin, K.P., Selvakumar, N., Kumar, A., (...), Sharma, A.K., Barshilia, H.C.
Source: Solar Energy
2017, Article

ANFIS-based fault diagnosis tool for a typical small aircraft fuel system
Jigajinni, V.S., Upendranath, V.
Source: Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
2017, Article